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Psmith and Eve

September 2014

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truly_bohemian in psmith_fans

Looking for a Psmith-fluent beta!

I thought this might be a good place to find someone willing to beta my (very much still in progress) Psmith fic. It will be mostly Mike/Psmith, Psmith/Eve, and Mike/Phyllis, with perhaps a little bit of Eve/Phyllis. Probably no smut, unfortunately. :P Oh, and I have to get it done in a hurry for absolutely top secret reasons.

Are there any kind, charitable comrades out there who could help me? I can only offer love and gratitude in return, but rest assured that you will receive it in abundance.


Damn, I wish I could. I'm leaving for vaca day after tomorrow and have a million things to do before I go, and when I'm gone I won't have good access. Of course I'm not sure exactly how good I would bee at it, right now (even if I did have time) because I haven't read any Psmith for a while.
How much in a hurry are you? hazeltea is doing a Psmith beta for me, but she can't get it done until she finishes her finals in about a week.
I would take it on, but I'm moving to another state and I'm crazy right now.

If you don't get any takers here, try posting for a beta on indeedsir.
If you havn't found someone else, I can beta for grammar, word choice, flow, and characterization - it's been a while since I read the books through, so continuity would be harder, but I would be willing to make the attempt. Send it to me by tomorrow night, and I should be able to have it done by Saturday night, Pacific time. Email is my username at livejournal dot com; .txt file would be easiest to work with.