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Psmith and Eve

September 2014

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marion_wardour in psmith_fans

Psmith, again Psmith and Mike

Hullo everyone!
I'm new to this fandom, but love it with all my heart. I'm from Russia, where P.G. Wodehouse's works are very popular and widely read in the last two decades. But it's a pity that, if I not mistaken, only "Psmith, Journalist" and "Leave It to Psmith" were translated into Russian. So I hope to learn English well enough to read the untranslated works.
My first contribution to the community is quite small, three poor sketches: two of Psmith, and one of Mike.



Oh, these are cute! Your style is just darling!
Thank you very much! I'm so glad that you like it. Maybe when I have free time, I will try to draw something else. Psmith and Mike, cuddling each other?
I'd love to see a picture like that!
These are lovely! I particularly like Mike.
Nice work :)
Oh, thank you so much! Mike was easier to draw than Psmith. :)
Lovely. :) Especially that first view of Psmith - that's a guy who can get away with being brilliant and devious because nobody would suspect him.
What a wonderful characterization! Thank you very much. :) In fact, I drew the first sketch later, than the second one.
Oh wow, these are beautiful! I love the way you draw eyes (strange thing to focus on but there you have it :) ).
Oh, well, that's you...thank you so much! I love to draw eyes, and faces in general. :) But I still have to train hard with the poses and - especially! - hands.
Aw. <3 I like your style.